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Here at Brendans bouncy castle hire we understand that plans can change and it may become necessary to have to amend or even cancel your booking with us .

Our refund and cancellation policy shows our key points and circumstances and any cancellation fees that may be due and payable or if any refunds would be due.

Our refund and cancellation policy applies to all our bookings and accompanies our Terms of Hire Policy also.

Booking Deposits - We try not to take deposits for the majority of the hires. The exception to this is usually corporate hires or hires where there are multiple inflatables and/or when there is extra administration involved along with any sub hired in equipment or speciality items (for example Event wristbands,literature for your event, generators,fuel,food etc) monies will not be refunded for these.

If you find that once you have booked the hired item or date and it is not suitable you have the right to cancel and receive your full payment back if you give us 7 days notice.or you can change to another item or date if available at any time up to 3 full days before the date of your event.The reason on this is if you booked multiple items and cancel we could have turned work away as the items are reserved for you.this equipment can be re hired if we have 7 days in which to do so.

Should we arrive at your chosen venue or property and the item will not fit then this is your responsibility and not our fault the equipment has been booked and reserved for you and will still need to be paid for in full.you must also check the correct setup surface as we do not set up on block paving ,flags ,astro turf outside ,gravel all items must be able to be secured down safely .

Should we arrive and you turn us away as you have had changes to your plans ,we will treat this as a cancellation and the items will need paying for in full.

The area in which you plan to put any inflatable should be prepared for us the day before ,clean and clear of any sharps,animal mess ,trampolines and any other objects,we do not have the time to arrange your garden to fit in our equipment .We run on a tight schedule and time is very important to us .make sure you are 100 % certain on where you want the items once its set up we can not move to another area ,we dont have the time other people have booked and waiting on our arrival ,as we promise you a time we fit everyone else into our day and like to keep our promise to them as much as you too.

Bad weather is not an acceptable cancellation reason ,we will still arrive and set up if its raining ,most inflatable have a roof on anyway and can be used .

Cancellation by customer

All cancellations must be made via email. All cancellations will be confirmed in writing via email and this must be kept as your proof of cancellation. Cancellations cannot be taken by voice mail, text or any other methods.

cancellation by brendans bouncy castle hire

Wind - We are bound by health and safety guidelines and are unable to install any inflatable for use in winds in excess of 24mph strong winds can and will end in fatality if used it is not something we will even think about doing.if you can find a last min venue on the day then this is fine indoors.we will try and help in anyway possible but wil not every put any ones life or safety in danger.

we will not take cellphone weather readings as a maybe we go off government weather warnings ,we carry wind readers and these are also used to determine safety .we will issue full refunds for wind conditions if we need to cancel should any money have been paid .