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We are a family run Bradford based Bouncy Castle Hire company that has been in business since 2009 , after delivering parcels for various international companies for 18 years,I found myself being dragged down almost into depression, it was finally time to change my career and look for something different to do . I had met the love of my life a few years earlier and we decided to get married (aug 2009) we had just had our first child together in October 2008 ( Brooke ) and we were very happy as a couple.

Shortly after getting married we had some shocking news" TWINS " wow never expected that one . Well, we got on with the fact of we were about to have 3 children under the age of 2 a challenge on its own . Rachel ( my wife ) went full term 38 weeks and gave birth to our son Declan and his twin sister Olivia (in June 2010 ) . Although we were trying to cope with all the day to day upbringing of Brooke and Rachel carrying Twins i Was trying to get our Family business of the ground . The first year was a struggle just putting leaflets through letterboxes and hoping the phone would ring but we did ok (trading as cheeky monkeys bouncy castles ) . in 2011 i decided to give it my best shot and build my own website and that's when Baildon Bouncy Castles was born.

I put hour upon hour into reading, learning, watching you tube videos and trying endless tasks to get our website up on google searches . Nearly Every penny earned was put back into the business to buy new castles, advertising and buying leaflets and business cards .In today's economic climate it was the hardest struggle and the longest road we have travelled.

Well it paid off and we are now well established with a massive stock of castles and other inflatables for our customers to choose from ,over 150 in total .We are very well known and come highly recommended from 100's of very happy customers, We have beaten off all our competitors and strive to be the best Bouncy Castle Hire in Bradford ,Leeds ,Halifax and all surrounding areas.

We have staff working for us now and all have there own NAMED uniform so our customers know who they are talking to and should any problems happen they can tell us who was on site by their clearly NAMED shirts .We have to date let 0 people down for any event ,We always turn up once booked rain or shine , We have phone call after phone call from people begging to help out as other companies have let them down , so we stick on our hero costumes and drive to the rescue time after time , and believe me them customers are now on board and use us time after time .

Update 2016

Well here we are in 2016 and still going strong the business is and absolute success , with the long summer if 2015 doing us a great favour. We have become one of west Yorkshire's largest inflatable hire companies with some real big companies on board and lots of schools, local councils and charity's. All our castles are nearly brand new some of which are custom made and only available from us , we have come along way and to be honest really didn't think it would bring us to this level at all . All our 2014 customers came back to us in 2015 and we get lots of recommendations and fantastic comments about our products and service .it really is so nice to hear how we make a difference to someone's day .

Update 2017

Another year done wow 2016 was mind-blowing an absolute success again we beat our previous year by over 300 bookings, met some fantastic people, signed new contracts and now supply over 40 schools, 3 local councils and have rotated 80% of our stock for brand new and exciting inflatables.The end of 2015 was so busy we couldn't believe it even xmas week was busy . Now into 2017 and the bookings are flooding in again summer looking busy we have bought a 2nd large van ,set on 2 new drivers and 5 new staff members .i am now building a 2nd website strictly for weddings and hoping to bring my wife's Floristry work into the business as the children are now older.

hope to see you this year at some point as i still love been on the road and totally involved in the day to day operation.

Update 2018

Well what can I say, This year has been the most incredible year to date. We have gone from strength to strength and grown enormously in size. This year saw a massive merge with one of the UK's leading suppliers in entertainment and sadly means I will be taking a back seat. The new direction will see the company sold as we are moving to spain.we plan to do this in alicante in the sunshine loved every bit of baildon bouncy castles but time to move on .

Update 2019

Here we are now a new adventure totally .We didnt expect to be where we are right now at the start of 2018.as we moved forward into April we decided it was time in our life to take a huge risk,We sold out to another company in England selling our stock off and bringing the whole family to Javea spain.We moved here in October 2018 with no real idea what to do for work . i was not planning on writing this now believe me .Here is the Beginning of another chapter.We know the industry inside out , We know How to manufacture ,We know how to safety test ,We dont know whats ahead .I hope we can build what we had in England and show you what we are good at.Reliability is a strong point for us and clean new equipment so give us a chance to shine and you wont be disapointed .We are a family run business as always so expect to see the children helping daddy in there uniforms lol. Thank you for reading and hope we meet soon.

Update 2020

Well its jan 2020 and well a start we didnt expect we have decided to come back to england and be close to familly i miss my eldest daughter and gradaughter and im not ashamed to come back ,We had a great experience here,we lived our life give it a go and have no regrets at all.Lets get this back where i left off and get Brendans bouncy castles known .hope to see some of my old customers soon .and ill tell you some stories. see you soon brendan .


Well coming back into the UK in Feb 2020 was a hard decision, we had to move in with rachels mum in a 2 bed house so 6 of us and a dog .(not for faint hearted) we had hour on hour looking for a house for us to settle and get kitted out.it wasn't easy house after house not suitable for us ,not been successful etc .

Well our luck changed in April Nd we finally found our perfect home with everything we needed to get going .(Menston)

We absolutely love it here ,it wasn't an easy road as the house needed lots of work especially the back garden that looked like something from jumanji .

With the pandemic in full force it gave us plenty of family time to get going and make our perfect relaxing party garden .

Old customers asking me if I was going to start up again as no one filled my shoes and hiring a bouncy castle wasn't even worth bothering with .

Well its a passion I soon got back but not on the scale we used to be ,we now only run and operate as a family ,no staff me and my kids that's it .around 20 ish inflatables and every care and and cleanliness I would only want myself .

We now buy only unique inflatables no one else has or can afford to buy .we go above and beyond and I'm so happy I have this passion back .customers over the moon with our stock ,the comments and feedback amazing we are the leaders again where the rest can only follow .

So so grateful to everyone who came back searched for me found me and happy to see me again .

If your after a wow at your party reliability, safety ,and honesty then book online read my reviews over the years and leave your own review if you wish .

Thank you all for supporting us coming back we are doing great again and looking forward to the summer of 2023 .

Brendan,Rachel,Brooke,declan and Olivia x


Brendans bouncy castle hire.
Brendans Bouncy Castle Hire